Sunday, 22 June 2014

Finding 50 Years of "Punch; or, the London Charivari" Digital Archives

One of my favourite 19th and 20th century publications is the satirical magazine Punch. However, it is often hard to find the volumes for the magazine despite the fact that most are available somewhere online. As a result, I have tried to compile a list of the volumes I have found over time.

Currently I have only compiled them for the period to which I am chiefly concerned (from 1870 to 1919). However, if I have time or the inclination this may well expand.

Help me keep this up-to-date...

If you find anything that could be added or adjusted on this list please do contact me. It will be hugely appreciated.

In particular, keep your eyes open for any of the editions which are currently missing online. Similarly, if you find a better or alternative source for one of the editions I will also add this to the list.

What is more, if you come across additional material for years currently not included please still do contact me and I will bring the information together and publish it in the future.




18909899Internet Archive
1891100101Internet Archive
1892102103Internet Archive
1893104105Internet Archive
1894106107MissingGutenberg (v.107)^
1895108109Internet Archive
1896110111Internet Archive
1897112113Internet Archive
1898114115Internet Archive


1900118119Internet Archive
1901120121Internet Archive
1902122123Internet Archive
1903124125Internet Archive
1904126127Internet Archive
1905128129Internet Archive
1906130131Internet Archive
1907132133Internet Archive
1908134135Internet Archive
1909136137Internet Archive


1910138139Internet Archive
1911140141Internet Archive
1913144145Internet Archive
1914146147Internet Archive
1915148149Internet Archive
1916150151Internet Archive
1917152153Internet Archive
1918154155Internet Archive
1919156157Internet Archive


* Only available in the US. If you know of a copy available for everyone to view please do contact me and I will update the list.
^ As of writing, these only included select editions of the volumes.

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